The Leaf Community awarded with the Legambiente prize “Renewable Municipalities 2018″

The Loccioni project has been selected in the “Energy Community” category for its commitment to the development of “a new energy system, which comes from the bottom and develops through renewable sources, energy self-sufficiency, efficiency, sustainable mobility … “(Cit Legambiente Onlus). The award ceremony took place at the National Conference on Climate Change organized by Qualenergia in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, to focus on the green house emissions problem and on the thrilling increase of the planet temperature.


E-on and Loccioni switch on the first energy island in Scandinavia

The future is local.

On October 18th, at Simris, a charming little town on the Swedish south-east coast, in the Scania Region, has disconnected the plug. The first energy island in Scandinavia has been inaugurated in the presence of institutions, companies and inhabitants.

With the LES project, Local Energy System, E.ON, the German energy giant, involved the inhabitants of a small town into something that tastes as future. As a matter of fact, the energy that feeds the houses, the shops and the life of this small seaside town will no longer be furnished by the national electrical power system, but it will be produced on site, exclusively renewable, without CO2 emissions and available when necessary.

The energy is produced by a 440 kW photovoltaic plant and a 500 kW wind turbine; in order to make the energy reliable and available also at night, there is a big battery and an intelligent distribution system.

The Internet of things and the intelligence of the energy are real. Intelligent is an increasingly important feature that we attribute to the energy, after accessible, reliable and renewable. In a scenery where the energetic islands and the microgrid will increase in number, where the needed energy is self-produced, where the complete independence from fossil sources is a concrete opportunity by now, where technology that guarantees the quality of the service and its reliability is increasingly important.

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Wise energy

Impianto fotovoltaico a tetto

Automation, savings, efficiency, size and flow management, awareness of consumption: this is the wise energy.

The Loccioni solutions about wise energy management and automation technologies concern the new research center DARC, Dallara Advanced Reserach Center.

The efficient technologies and solutions on the lighting and thermal systems, the efficiency of the datacenter and the renewable production allow Dallara to save every year 80,000€ and 25% of energy.

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In the Energy Week with the power of the wood

Tomorrow the Leaf community will meet in Piandimeleto, at Moretti Compact headquarters, the world leader in furniture for children and teenagers.

The Leaf Meeting, that aims to exchange ideas and information about efficiency and energy self-sufficiency, with leading experts in the field, will be attended by godfathers of Leaf Community: Professor Federico Maria Butera, environmental physics and technology, and Giorgio Di Tullio, innovation philosopher, along with leading industrial representatives of Marche region, who share a strong focus on quality of work, on the training of employees, but also on the ethical and social implications of the business.

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Our Leaf Meter at the exihbition “Captains Courageous”

It begins today in Rome, at the Auditorium of the Technique the exhibition “Captains Courageous”. The initiative organized by Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs, in partnership with Museimpresa, wants to valorize some Italian entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves for socially responsible activities.


Our Group has the honor of being represented as the best Italian entrepreneurial excellence of yesterday and today. Our projects 2 km of future® – that concerns the safety of the Esino river – and Leaf Community – open workshop for sustainability, are presented using the Leaf Meter, a design installation that represents nature that defends itself with new trees and new measurement technologies.


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The forms of Energy


Next 28th of May, the Ispra (VA) of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) will open once again its doors to the public at the Open Day, which for this occasion will have the theme “Giving a way to science”.
It will be possible to visit the workshops, attend scientific demonstrations, participate in experiments and farther to meet scientists and researchers of all Europe.

Within this context will be visible also our storage system, the first design storage system, signed by Lorenzo De Bartolomeis for Loccioni: a perforated panel and some LED lights to symbolize the system’s ability to adjust and store energy, with transparent doors to allow a glimpse of the operation of the batteries.

The project is part of the Energy Design System, the design and communication program for renewable energy production, storage and management systems, that has educational purposes and that has been nominated for the ADI Design Index 2016.

Always in fact, the Design is an integral part of our processes: from the collaboration with Japanese designer Isao Hosoe they were born design projects such as Apoteca, the automation and computerization system for the preparation of chemotherapy drugs, or Agorà, a sustainable and innovative data center selected by ADI (Association for Industrial Design), among the best Italian projects in design for services in 2012.

Case history: TRIGENeration plant in Continental

Logo Continental

The TRIGENeration system (CCHP – Combined Cooling, Heat and Power) is a local generator producing electric power, heating power and cooling power which creates significant benefits in terms of cost saving, power continuity and quality, energy independence and emissions reduction.



Technical features:

  • Electric Power: 1.189 kWe
  • Thermal Power: 1.312 kWt (hot water at 90°C)
  • Cooling Power: 879 kWf (cold water at 7° C)
  • 7.800 operating hours per year

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Demand Response in Europe: a regulatory analysis

logo EU (by Francesco Mancini)

The EU has set ambitious targets for both the short and long term with the 2020 climate and Energy package as well as a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 80-95% by 2050. UE has set ambitious target by 2030 as well both on renewable energy production and greenhouse gas reduction.

DSR could be a crucial solution in order to get the mentioned targets because of its benefits. In fact DSR creates value for the consumers by allowing them to be rewarded for changing their consumption behaviour and therefore providing flexibility to the system operators and helping them to maintain the grid balanced. In addition DSR will also play a key role in the reduction of additional generation and proportionally enhance the role of renewables in the energy supply, thus making it more secure and reducing the risk of price spikes due to political instability in the supplier countries.
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